12 Piece DRUM PRACTICE PADS - Silent Black Foam Quiet 12-pcs Covers NEW SET

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12-piece Silent Foam/Rubber Drum Practice Pad Set 
- Long Lasting, Durable, Neoprene, Foam and Rubber materials
- High Quality, Laser Cuts
- Pad thickness: 5/8" Foam and 1/4" Neoprene/rubber 
- Keeps your original drum tone but with lower volumes
- Perfect for use in apartments or for parent's sanity
Set Includes:
- 22" Head Cover
- 16" Head Cover
- 14" Head Cover
- 13" Head Cover
- 12" Head Cover
- 10" Head Cover
- 8" Head Cover
- 10" Cymbal Mute
- 8" Cymbal Mute
- 7" Cymbal Mute
- 2x Sound off Blocks for Kick Pedals and Snares
The sound off blocks get stretched over any cymbal you wish to quiet down. Just wrap the elastic around your cymbal for muting effect. The bass drum pad should have the neoprene pad facing your kick pedal hammer. Most people will attach this pad with double sided tape or a sticky velcro so it can be removed whenever you wish. 
Practice at all hours - great for parents with loud drummers - perfect for apartments - and sweet for studios and live shows where volume control is critical.  Start playing at ALL HOURS! ROCK ON!