8 Piece Electronic Drum Set with Stand - Mesh, Rubber Heads

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8 Piece Digital Drum Set with Stand, Electronic, Mesh & Rubber Heads, Foot Hihat

The Coobox TM-11 Studio Kit is a premium eight-piece electronic drum set with our exclusive mesh drum heads that deliver an unprecedented degree of realistic drum feel and personal expression for modern electronic drummers. These ultra-quiet mesh drum heads come incredibly close to duplicating the feel of an acoustic drum head and their natural rebound.
Practice at all hours - great for parents with loud drummers - perfect for apartments - and sweet for studios and live shows where volume control is critical. You can also plug into an amp and Rock Out!
- Long Lasting, Durable, Mesh and Rubber materials
- High Quality
- Easily stores away
- Perfect for use in apartments or for parent's sanity
Set Includes:
- 1 x 10" mesh head, dual tone(head+rim) Snare
- 3 x 8" rubber head, single tone Toms
- 1 x 11" sing tone Hi-Hat
- 1 x open, close, half foot Hi-Hat Control
- 1 x 11" dual tone, mute Crash
- 1 x 12" dual tone, mute Ride
- Drum Stand
- Drum sound module