Adjustable Double Braced Bongo Stand and Gig Bag - Chrome

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Zenison Bongo Stand with Gig Bag Height Adjustable Pivoting Heavy Duty Chrome

  • Fully Adjustable: Achieve your ideal set up with complete height and Tilting adjustability for your djembe. Play at the perfect height for your taste. (Ranges from 27" - 47")
  • Rubber Padded Hooks: These hooks secure your djembe in place during even the most intense performances without any risk of damage to the drum.
  • Double Braced Tripod Brace: Sturdy double braced tripod legs give you a firm foundation for energetic playing.
  • Adjustable Strap: The strap can be adjusted to different sized djembes for additional stability during a performance.
The Zenison Djembe Stand was designed to firmly hold any djembe in the traditional playing position. A nylon strap is secured around the drum and two rubber padded u-shaped hooks are slid into the bottom of the shell. It can be angled and is fully height adjustable