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World Latin Bongos 7" and 8" Set - Light Wood

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Tunable - 4 each bongo (with key)
Total L x W x H: 16" x 8 12" x 6 1/2"
Large Bongo: 8 1/4" Dia
Small Bongo: 7" Dia

A wonderful Dark Red Wood Bongo Drum...a great gift for anyone!

If you want to learn the ropes you'll need to get yourself a Bongo Drum set! You'll be playing closed tone, open tone, slap, forward-backward rotation, mambo, bolero, calypso, guaguanco conga techniques; and closed tone, slap, side-to-side rotation, rotating little finger and thumb, edge tone with the fingertips, mambo, bolero, guajiro, and martillo bongo techniques. WOW! Buy this Bongo and you'll have what you need to do all of this and more!