2 Pack of Conga Stands - 10" and 11"

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Adjustable Pro Conga Barrell STANDS For Pair 10" & 11" Black Powder Rubber Feet

Designed to Fit 10" and 11" inch conga and bongo drums.

Adjustable Height ranges from 15" to 24.5"... measured from RING to the FLOOR. You can even set one of the legs to a smaller height and have the drum angle towards you a bit. Many Adjustment options.


  • Wide legs proportioned to prevent 'walking'
  • Sturdy, lightweight Steel design
  • Black powder coating
  • Soft padding at contact points
  • Holds most Congas ur Tumbas
  • Thick rubber padded feet will protect the finish of your drums

This is a great deal for two stands!