Drum Pedal Heavy Duty Double Chain Single Pedal Hammer Drum Set & Electric Drum

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Heavy-Duty, Pro Quality Single Kick Bass Drum Pedal - Adjustable 

About This Item

  • Double chain bass drum pedal:  The thick double chain design makes the pedal more sturdy and has a long service life
  • Adjustable angle spring tension system, you can adjust the tension through the spring to suit your playing style
  • Adjustable angle cotton felt hammer, made of high-density felt and metal rod. Easily bring you a full, powerful, rhythmic sound
  • Non-slip design on the bottom of the bass drum pedal:  There is a non-slip rubber pad at the bottom, which can increase the friction between the pedal and the ground and prevent the pedal from sliding
  • The felt hammer head extends the wear on the drum head and gives the bass drum a firmer sound,  Suitable for electronic drums